Lets come together to celebrate our blessings

Welcome to Dallas

EVENT 2023

July 1st & 2nd. Dont miss it !

We are excited to host Manam in Dallas!
This summer bringing our community together to celebrate our culture, heritage, and our beliefs.

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Event Center:
Frisco Flyers!


July 1st and 2nd : Saturday & Sunday


6300 Flyers Way, Frisco, TX 75034



Event Schedule


July 1st Morning

Golf Tournament

July 1st Morning

Dance & Fun

July 1st Evening

Breakout Sessions

July 1st Evening

Youth Networking Events

July 2nd Morning

Relax & Get ready for the event

July 2nd Noon

Holy mass & Family Cultural Night

July 2nd Evening

DJ Night & theenmar begins!

July 2nd Night


The core objective of this event is to bring members of our community together for a fun and engaging experience and find opportunities for our children to build new relationships that will last for generations.

See you soon!

July 1st & 2nd


Manam Goals

+ Provide opportunities for our community members to have fun, enjoy each other's company, and make new memories together

+ Help our children build new relationships to help them grow and succeed in life.

+ Socialize and Celebrate our community’s cultural heritage and traditions.

+ Create opportunities for networking and collaboration among community members.

+ Promote community unity and strengthen relationships and social bonding within the community.

+ Provide a platform for members to share updates, reconnect with distantfamily members and build new relationships

Event Guidelines

+ Respect others: Treat all attendees with respect and kindness, regardless of their background, beliefs, or opinions

+ Attendees shall not engage or promote any non event related fundraising activities

+ Attendees shall not engage or promote any business activities

+ Attendees shall not promote or engage in any political, regional, caste based activities

+ Build Bridges and not Walls!

Need Help! FAQs

Manam is not affiliated with or promoted by any organization. This is a family event with lots for fun. Our community’s volunteers are organizing this event.

Yes – We do! Date and timings will be updated soon!

NO! It will take place in a different state or location.

Maybe, maybe not: It all depends on who takes the initiative and organizes the event.

Yes! Link will be updated!
Through Website updates and SMS.
Ensure that you provide valid phone numbers and email addresses when registering.


We are in talks with rental car companies for a discount, it will be updated soon

Yes !

We are in talks with hotel that is closer to the event center. It will be updated shortly.

No – Donations are entirely voluntary!

Saturday Evening (July 1st):

+ Women: Indian Party Dress / Lehengas / Fancy Sarees!

+ Men: Indian wear / Kurtha / Semi-formal

Sunday Evening (July 2nd)

+ Women: Sarees

+ Men: Suit

Thank you!